Invest in Australian Real Estate

Attention property investors. In case you have been hiding in a cave somewhere, the Australian real estate market is booming. Long term population growth is creating massive demand for Australian real estate. This is pushing up prices and will continue to push up prices in the future as population growth is not slowing any time soon.

However, there is a problem. Most real estate in Australia’s growth areas have low rental yields and the rent will not cover the mortgage costs when a large proportion of the property value is borrowed.

There is a solution! There are some positively geared properties available. These properties are usually sold newly built as once you buy it, with all the positively gear income, you never want to sell. Dual dwellings are generally the cream of the crop with two rental incomes and minimal outgoing costs.

These properties sell fast! So if you are in the market for an investment property then pay attention!

You can find them here:

On the market have access to a wider range of stock. However, they only list a few examples on their website as properties sell fast and it can be difficult for them to keep up with it.  I suggest that if you are interested contact them and let them know what you are after, for example a high yield investment property, and they will sort out something special for you!